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Fight Club Finland is leading Finnish wrestling promotion that features exciting, hard-hitting professional action for fans who appreciate dramatic combat and visually compelling athletics. Fight Club Finland prides itself on presenting and producing the very best domestic Finnish pro wrestling talent along with guest appearances from select top tier international wrestlers from around the world.

Fight Club Finland offers top-notch pro wrestling schooling, with trainers such as multi-time pro wrestling champion, "The Canadian Rebel" Starbuck, and Stark Adder.
Fight Club Finland also offers opportunities for female contestants and performers - such as has been proven by our own break-away female wrestling sensation, Aurora - who has made a big impact on the European women's pro wrestling scene.

For anyone interested in booking a spectacular pro wrestling card in your area, get in contact with us! Be a part of the drama and excitement as only Fight Club Finland can offer!


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Professional wrestling is a worldwide phenomenon that began in the late 1800's in Europe, quickly making its way to North America shortly thereafter at the start of the 1900's. Originally a carneval number, the carny wrestlers of the day would challenge local tough guys to legitimate wrestling contests in the towns the carnival appeared in. Carneval wrestlers were the real deal, tough and virtually unbeatable. Carneval owners hoping to make money off of their audiences soon made sure that the carneval wrestler gave the local toughs a fighting chance, even letting the local boys win on occasion, to keep the betting money flowing in. This is where the concept of modern professional wrestling took form.

The selling point of modern pro wrestling is to tell a story through colorful characters engaged in mortal combat. Professional wrestlers today are in essence the equivalent of Roman gladiators, who aim to "win" their audience and elicit a passionate response, thus making the fighters and characters larger than life. With the incorporation of showmanship and drama interwoven into the body of the wrestling match itself, professional wrestling has been aptly coined "the sport of kings", due to its impeccable marriage of sport and theater. This is what makes pro wrestling so appealing and potent - it lures the audience into the action by making its viewers participate in the fight vicariously, making the game unlike any other sport on Earth.

Professional wrestling is a staple in numerous world cultures today. Pro wrestling organizations can be found flourishing in countries with rich traditions in the sport like Japan, Mexico, Britain, Germany, France and North America. The biggest commercial wrestling organization in the world is World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), known for their licensed RAW and Smackdown! Shows. Nearly all other active wrestlers worldwide who are not under contract to WWE or its biggest American rival TNA (whose Impact show is also licensed worldwide in over 40 markets), are held to be independent contractors.


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Nearly every country in Europe has a domestic professional wrestling promotion that represents its wrestlers and talent. Finnish pro wrestling began in 2003 when Canadian-born Finnish wrestler "The Canadian Rebel" StarBuck began coaching Finnish hopefuls who wanted to be among the first Finnish pro wrestlers. Alongside promoter Patrick Pesola, StarBuck created the concept behind Finland's first ever wrestling promotion, Valhalla Pro Wrestling. Valhalla ran two noteably large shows, Culture Shock in August 2003 at Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki, and Baltic Brawl at Helsinki's old Ice Hall in September 2003. Promoter Pesola organized the aforementioned big-scale shows with personal risk money (bringing in globally recognized names), without the aid of financial backers, and in doing so Valhalla went bankrupt by the end of 2003 and Pesola quit operations.

At the beginning of 2004, Maria Gren - who was in training to become a wrestling valet - decided to pick up where Pesola left off, forming Pro Wrestling Finlandia (PWF). PWF was a small, grassroots organization, and Gren took very little in the way of financial risks. She did however organize near-monthly shows for the new group of Finnish wrestlers that came under her umbrella, even bringing in top foreign stars such as Europe's #1 female wrestler Wesna Busic of Croatia and 4-time World Champion Steve Corino from the USA. StarBuck continued to train wrestling talent with the aid of his star pupil Stark Adder, and through their combined efforts the stock of Finnish pro wrestling rose dramatically - spawning stars such as European female wrestling sensation Kisu, who became a hot item across the continent. Maria Gren ran PWF until calling it quits in the summer of 2006 due to personal reasons and lack of interest in promoting.


Stark Adder against Pit Dog, first PWF show, 2004


StarBuck and a select group of Finnish wrestlers gathered together to form Fight Club Finland (FCF) in the autumn of 2006. FCF lobbied with the governing European Wrestling Championship Committee (EWCC) to bring in European Wrestling Champion Bernard Vandamme of Belgium to face StarBuck in December 2006. This turned out to be a fateful booking for Vandamme as the EWCC approved FCF's petition, as StarBuck - who had won the Italian Championship earlier that year - defeated Vandamme at an event named Winter War in Vantaa, Finland on 2.12.2006 to become the new European Champion. StarBuck would later drop the European Title back to Vandamme in a return match in Thoan Les Vogues, France in the first half of 2007.


Erik Isaksen (Norway) and Valentine, Syyskuun Selkäsauna, 2007 

Fight Club Finland gathered steam over 2007, bringing acclaimed European wrestling stars to appear at FCF events throughout Finland. Names such as the European wrestling scene's World Champion Chris Raaber of Austria, Italian Champion El Dinamico and German Champion Michael Kovac all wrestled for FCF against the best competition that Finnish wrestling had to offer. In several cases, the Finnish talent proved dominant, and one such showing was the case of Scandinavia's hottest young wrestler, Pasi "Salama" Suominen - who was winner of the one-night Lordi Young Blood Rising tournament at Winter War 2007, defeating three opponents in one night including Norway's top young lion Aron Frost in the finals. It should be noted that Winter War 2007 also featured recognized names outside of the wrestling business like European Boxing Champ Amin Asikainen, Children of Bodom's Alexi Laiho, IDOLS judge and media personality Jone Nikula, Lordi bassist Ox and former adult movie star Henry "The Great" Saari as part of the show.

In addition to head coach StarBuck, Finnish wrestlers such as former Finnish Champ Stark Adder, Kisu, Pasi "Salama" Suominen, Valentine, Ibo Ten, Aurora Liekki and Häijy-Heimo Ukonselkä all went on to further success in European wrestling rings outside of Finland. Ukonselkä even became German Wrestling Champion in 2008 - a stellar achievement in his young career - once again proving the superior quality of Finnish pro wrestlers on a highly-competitive European level. In the meantime, FCF ran shows all around Finland throughout 2008, appearing as far north as Tornio in Lapland.

In the autumn of 2008, American superstar Steve Corino returned to face StarBuck for the Finnish Wrestling Title in Helsinki after a 3.5 year wait (since their legendary initial match in May 2005 for PWF). Corino, having held an astounding 56 Championships worldwide to date, hoped to make StarBuck's Finnish Wrestling Title his 57th trophy. The most anticipated rematch in Finnish wrestling history between these two superstars was intense and bloody, with StarBuck finally defeating the modern-day legend Corino to mark another milestone in Finnish pro wrestling history.

In late October 2008, controversial and outspoken Finnish media personality Wilma Schlizewski was named the new General Manager of Fight Club Finland, marking yet another upturn for Finnish pro wrestling on the whole. FCF Wrestling's flagship event of the year Winter War was held in Turku, Finland as part of FinnFight 10 on December 5th at Caribia 994-halli.



Kisu against Aurora, St.Valentine's Day Bash, 2009

In early 2009, FCF headed up north to Levi for a double-header weekend of action where StarBuck defeated Belgian powerhouse Bernard Vandamme for the 2nd time to become European Champion on January 16th. The next night in Levi, StarBuck gave Vandamme his rematch in a street fight bout which saw Vandamme regain his Title just 24 hours after losing it the night before. Europe's top female wrestler Wesna Busic also came to Finland to wrestle at Levi against Finnish female wrestling pioneer Kisu and bad girl, Aurora Flame.

In 2009, foreign talents such as European Wrestling Association World Champion Chris "The Bambikiller" Raaber of Austria, Danish Champion Chaos, UK wrestler James Tighe, Greek lady wrestler Blue Nikita, Norway's wrestling pioneer Erik Isaksen and Norweigan Wrestling Champion Bjørn Sem all saw competition in Finland against FCF's finest. 2009 saw the suspension of fan favorite wrestler Ville "Tuho" Torvinen, along with the untimely retirement of young star Pasi "Salama" Suominen, who decided to call it quits after seriously injuring his arm in October 2008 in a tag team match. 2009 saw the debut of new stars of the future, such as Kageman Guro, Jean Sensation, Jani "Jäämies" Järvinen and Hector Le Chef. In addition, 2009 saw the controversial return of Johnny "The Saint" McMetal to the Finnish wrestling scene, after being out for three years due to bad blood between himself and leading members of Fight Club Finland.


StarBuck against Chaos (Denmark). Lokakuun Luuvitonen 2009 

Towards the end of 2009, Finnish Champion Valentine and long-time tag team partner Häijy-Heimo Ukonselkä had a bitter split, culminating in a meeting between the two for Valentine's Finnish Wrestling Championship at Talvisota IV (Winter War was renamed in Finnish) on February 20, 2010 in Helsinki. That match saw Ukonselkä upend Valentine to become the new Finnish Champ before a rabid crowd that embraced a new hero as their Champion that night. On the same card, former WWE United States and Tag Team Champion "The Japanese Buzzsaw" came to Finland to meet StarBuck in an incredible international showdown, making headlines and further putting Finnish professional wrestling on the global map as a force to be reckoned with.


 Tajiri (Japan) against StarBuck, Talvisota 2010.


Pro Wrestling Finlandia (PWF) era
1. "Backyard Bully" McMurphy - 14.8.2004 @ Title tournament (defeating Stark Adder in a 2/3 falls match in the finals of the inaugural Finnish Championship tournament)
2. AMON - 29.1.2005 @ Järvenpää, Finland
VACANT - 21.6.2005 (AMON quit wrestling)
3. StarBuck - 1.10.2005 @ Finlandia Fall Brawl (defeating Stark Adder in a 2/3 falls match at the end of another Title tournament)
4. Stark Adder - 26.5.2006 @ Mayday III (30 min Iron Man match)
FCF era
Stark Adder carried the Finnish Championship when FCF bought out PWF in the fall of 2006.
5. Erik Isaksen - 27.5.2007 @ Scandinavian Stampede
6. Valentine - 1.9.2007 @ Syyskyyn Selkäsauna (Triple Threat match, including Stark Adder and Erik Isaksen)
7. StarBuck (2) - 16.12.2007 @ Winter War II
8. Valentine (2) - 16.10.2008 @ Slam-O-Rama (at the event StarBuck defeated Steve Corino, after which Valentine cashed in his "Money in the Bank" contract, which he won in the spring of 2008)
9. StarBuck (3) - 2.5.2009 @ Rumble in Rauma (Ladder Match)
10. Valentine (3) - 20.5.2009 @ Wrestling Night
11. Häijy-Heimo Ukonselkä - 20.2.2010 @ Talvisota IV
12. Valentine (4) - 8.5.2010 @ Jatkosota
13. TAJIRI - 29.5.2010 @ SMASH 3
14. StarBuck (4) - 24.7.2010 @ SMASH.6
15. TAJIRI (2) - 22.11.2010 @ SMASH.10
16. Michael Kovac - 29.1.2011 @ SMASH.13

17. Häijy-Heimo Ukonselkä - 7.5.2011 @ DOMination

Forced to vacant the title - @ 20.4.2012 @ Jatkosota 2012 

18. King Kong Karhula - 25.08.2012 @ DOMination 5 -championship tournament winner